Comprehensive Planning

Planning for your future doesn’t have to be complicated.

Pretend it’s 3 years from now and you’re looking back on today.

What has to happen between now and then for you to feel really good about your progress? Your answers can be – and often are – more than just about money.

At Tarrant Financial, we start by framing your financial strategy around your 3-Year Vision – it drives what we recommend for you.

Next, we organize your plan into shorter, more manageable segments called 90-Day Mileposts. We help you implement from start to finish, reviewing your progress regularly.

Your 3-Year Vision


What’s on your mind? What needs to be done? What will bring you joy and satisfaction?


We craft an actionable, common-sense plan that addresses what matters most.


We help you break down important financial to-dos into manageable segments.


We evaluate your progress every time we meet and adjust the plan accordingly.

90-Day Mileposts organize your financial plan into shorter, more manageable segments.

Every 2-3 months, we address a specific part of your overall plan
so you can work systematically towards achieving your goals.

Financial services designed with you in mind


We guide you through a comprehensive process to help you evaluate your opportunities, protect your assets and income, and pursue your 3-Year Vision.


We help prioritize your spending, put a simple spending plan in place, prepare for potential blind spots, and find opportunities for additional savings.


Based on your objectives and risk preferences, we provide investment recommendations and professional portfolio management services.


We help you optimize your repayment strategy and use credit as a strategic tool to strengthen your financial position. We can also put a securities backed line of credit in place for short-term working capital needs.


We help you understand how to optimize contributions to your retirement accounts and show you how to effectively turn your savings into lifetime income.


We help you understand your options, decide when to start taking payments, and show you how to maximize spousal benefits.


We review your tax returns to better understand your situation, looking for planning opportunities and ways to lower and better control your taxes


We evaluate current life, disability, long-term care, health, umbrella, property, and auto insurance and look for opportunities for improvement or money savings.


We can prepare informal business valuations, help you put a succession or exit plan in place, review your employee benefits, help manage retirement plans, and provide guidance on business tax planning.


We review beneficiary designations, account titling and estate documents. If needed, we collaborate with specialized professionals to help you complete an estate plan.

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